Tamil Nadu Minister of Tamil Official Language and Tamil Language, K. Pandiarajan on Thursday announced on his Twitter page that the GO (government order) issued last week for the change of names of 1,018 places across the state has been withdrawn. The change of names of these places in their spellings was to be implemented in order to highlight their pronunciation in Tamil, but had drawn considerable flak over its timing amid the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Responding to a query from Gopal Srinivasan, Chairman, TVS Capital Funds on Twitter, Minister Pandiarajan replied saying, "We are working on alignment of views by experts on Transliteration standards from Tamil to English. Hopefully, we should get this released in two to three days. The G.O on the change of English names for Tamil names for places has been withdrawn. Will absorb all feedback and reissue shortly,". 

Dated April 1, the GO was released on June 10 with mixed reactions seen from all sections of the society including Tamil scholars and political leaders from various parties who cited that linguistic experts were not consulted for the transliteration of change of names for these 1,018 places in the state. A few name changes that drew heavy criticism were Ezhumboor (Chennai's Egmore), Gindi (Guindy), Kolathur (Kolaththoor), Koyampuththoor (Coimbatore), Mathurai (Madurai), Mayilaappoor (Mylapore), Thandayiyaarpettai (Tondiarpet), Thiruvarangam (Srirangam), Thiruvillipuththur (Srivilliputtur) and Thooththukkudi (Tuticorin).Furthermore, many pointed out to the misspelling in Vellore as Veelore and with Erode as Erodi.