Being a household name, no one in South India would not know actress Trisha Krishnan, known mononymously as Trisha. The model turned actress, who works primarily in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films was noticed after winning the 1999 Miss Chennai contest. This led to her smooth transition into the film industry. Often referred to as the Queen Of South India for her performance across all South Indian languages, Trisha has been ranked among the best actresses of South India for the very reason. Today (May 4) being her birthday, we have decided to accumulate some of her iconic and memorable performances in movies in order to celebrate her natal day. So here is a list of movies that Trisha smashed out of the park (in no particular order of importance):


Trisha plays the role of Sandhya and her performance in it is smashing considering the fact that it was her acting debut in the film industry. Trisha did more than enough to bring her character to life which naturally attracted the audience thereby leading to the formation of her fan base. 


In this power-packed action film, Trisha gave a truly memorable performance by being appealingly beautiful as the Bhuvana. She brings out the nuances of her character well and with ease. 


Playing the character Balamani, or Bala for short, Trisha gives a performance that beckons experience. It is clear that she gave it her all with all the hard work she put in and deservedly got a rare critical appraisal for it too. 


Trisha gives an amazing performance as Kavitha as she captures the zest and passion called for by the script. Her innocent looks and adorable smile are her biggest assets and work to her favour. 


Trisha's performance shines through the character of Dhanalakshmi and is the apt choice for the role. Her abundant beauty and adequate expressions make it very easy for her to gather the heart of the viewers throughout the movie. She looks beautiful and acquits herself well in the few scenes where she is expected to emote.


Trisha plays the character of Meera in this Mani Ratnam directorial. Her performance as the sweet, cheerful, and vibrant girl won the hearts of all the viewers instantly. 


Trisha plays Abhi Raghuraman, a loving daughter, and is really cute in this movie. Her performance brings the character to a whole new level. Since Trisha has never been seen in such a light before, the movie was a testament and went on to showcase what she can really do with different characters.


Trisha is a revelation in this movie by Gautham Vasudev Menon. She dazzles and transforms herself into a complicated person who wants something but is not able to bring herself to accept it. She also does not hold back when it comes to showing off the chemistry she has with her significant other in the movie. Her performance as Jessie is sure to stand the test of time.


Trisha does not get a lengthy role but still manages to grab the viewers' attention through the character of Sanjana Chettiyar. Her performance helped imprint her character deep into our hearts and minds even though her role is pretty small.

10) KODI:

Trisha stepped out of her comfort zone in this flick by taking on the role of an antagonist. Her bold and powerful portrayal of Rudhra goes on to show that Trisha is an actress who can do cute and bubbly roles as well as a femme fatal. This movie, therefore, serves as proof of Trisha's acting prowess. 

11) '96:

Probably Trisha's best performance to date, she managed to swoon the audience with her portrayal of Jaanu. She simply aced her performance as a married woman who cannot stop indulging in emotional infidelity. Her role and performance were so iconic that the yellow kurta outfit worn by her character Jaanu became popular after the film's release and was sold by textile stores all over Chennai.