Earlier this week, it was announced that director Bala’s version of Arjun Reddy remake - Varmaa will be released on October 6 on Simply South app. However, the film will be available only for the overseas audience and not for the Indian residents. The overseas fans are eagerly looking forward to watching the film and it is going to be interesting to see how the film is received. Simply South has now officially released the film’s trailer on their Instagram page and the video has been garnering good attention. Talking about the trailer, this new video is the same trailer of Varmaa which was released in January 2019, originally by the makers.

The trailer is packed with various high moments and the treatment looks quite different from the original. In fact, that was one of the reasons why the producer wanted to scrap the film and make a scene-to-scene remake which turned out to be Adithya Varma. This newly released Varmaa trailer has increased the curiosity and expectations among the fans. Director Bala is someone known for his raw and gritty filmmaking, but Varmaa seems to differ from them as we see a colourful shade given to the film. With a director like Bala at the helm, we can expect the intense and serious scenes to leave an impact among the audiences.

Even though Varmaa is releasing on October 6, the fans in India are quite sad about the update as there's no clarity regarding the Indian release. Initially, there were rumours that Varmaa could come out on Netflix, but later, it didn't happen. So, we will have to wait for some more time to know if Varmaa will have an official release for the Indian audience. If not, it could pave the way for piracy which could be a threatening factor. Produced by Mukesh R Mehta under the banner of E4 Entertainment, Varmaa has cinematography by Mynaa Sukumar, music by Radhan and editing by Sathish Suriya. Raiza Wilson, Eswari Rao, Akash Premkumar and others form the supporting cast.

Will Varmaa earn positive reviews and get a good reception from the fans? Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the release. For now, check out the newly released trailer of Bala’s Varmaa featuring Dhruv Vikram, Megha Chowdhury and Raiza here: