Right from the time the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus was declared a Pandemic, rigorous testing has been advised to bring the Virus under control! However, little would have anybody known that this testing in itself would be dangerous! Though there has been an isolated incident, it still goes to show that any medical procedure, if not handled properly would result in dangerous consequences! It has now come to light that an American woman suffered damage to her brain, due to a COVID nasal swab test! The nasal swab test is the most commonly used method for testing to see if a person has been affected by the Corona Virus. Reports state that a 40-year-old woman from the US had her brain lining punctured with brain fluid leaking from her nose, after she underwent a nasal swab test for COVID!

The patient is said to have a rare medical condition and the swab test may not have been carried out on her properly. Both of these could have combined to lead to her exposed to a life-threatening brain infection. Medical experts state that people who have had extensive Sinus issue or skull base surgery should opt for oral testing, if available. The woman had gone in for a voluntary nasal swab test before a hernia surgery. Shortly she found a clear liquid leaking from one side of her nose and she also developed a headache, vomiting, aversion to light and neck stiffness. She was immediately transferred to the Otolaryngology department where she was given due treatment. The woman had earlier had a swab test on the same side of her nose but did not experience any issues but people feel that the second swab test was not done using the right technique and the entry was a little bit high.

It later came to light that the woman had earlier undergone treatment for intracranial hypertension which caused her to develop an encephalocele causing the brain lining to protrude into the nose, which got ruptured during the swab test. The lady has now fully recovered from what could have potentially been a dangerous situation. Medical professionals have been advised to slide the swab along the roof of the mouth, inside the nose and not insert it straight up. Even if they put the swab straight up, they have been asked to do so with care. Many Indians have also complained of pain in the nose after undergoing the COVID nasal swab test. It is mandatory that proper training be given to all the technicians who conduct these tests, to ensure that there are no issues for patients who undergo testing!