One of the most spine-chilling incidents which shook the nation was the gang rape and mutilation of a 19-year-old woman in the Hathras region of Uttar Pradesh! The unfortunate woman had also suffered injuries to her spine and neck and had been admitted to a hospital at Aligarh, where she was kept on ventilator in the ICU. However, when her condition worsened, she was transferred to a hospital in Delhi but lost her life after not responding to treatment. The UP Police also arrested the 4 men who had attacked the woman. Unfortunately for the poor woman's family members, the horrors didn't end there. They allege that her body was hurriedly cremated past midnight, without allowing them proper time to grieve. The postmortem report of the lady has now thrown up another set of horrors!

Media reports state that the postmortem has proven that the girl was not raped but had succumbed to her fractures. Actually, the postmortem report does not mention rape at all. It states that the victim had a blood infection and had also suffered a heart attack and mentions that she passed away at 6:55 am on September 29th! There are also mentions of bruises on her neck and that her spine was broken. The report states that she had suffered a fracture of the C6 cervical vertebra and also that there were extravasations of blood along the fracture line and that the underlying spinal cord was contused with ascending endema. Further, the report added that the ligature marks on the victim's neck were consistent with strangulation. The Safdarjung Hospital has also handed over all the vital samples to the investigating officer!

This Hathras incident has now escalated into a full-blown political storm in UP with opposition leaders alleging that the case was not handled properly and demanding justice for the victim! After prolonged silence on this issue, earlier today the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath gave out a statement that due justice would be meted out to the criminals in this case. However, a number of details remain murky behind the case as Hathras has been flooded with Policemen and some reports alleging that the cellphones of the victim's family members have been confiscated to ensure that they don't interact with the media. Political leaders who tried to reach Hathras to interact with the victim's family have also been stopped from doing so, by the Police. Rahul Gandhi was detained on the Yamuna highway. Trinamool Congress leader Derek O'Brien was also stopped from meeting the victim's family and reports state that he was even pushed to the ground by some Policemen.