Cook with Comali is a show that has given a solid breakthrough for the majority of the people associated with it. Ramya Pandian, Ashwin Kumar, Dharsha Gupta, Pavithra Lakshmi, Sivaangi, Pugazh, Bala, and many others have gotten breakthroughs through this show and have ventured into cinema. That being said, the latest to join this list is Bharath K Rajesh, the Super Singer sensation. Bharath is one of the most talented singers who came out of Super Singer and he will be making his playback singing debut in Tamil cinema with the upcoming Tamil film, Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum.

The film stars Mirchi Shiva and Anju Kurian in the lead roles. The first single song from the film is all set to be released tomorrow (July 6) and the song is called 'Sodi Seralam'. This melody number is crooned by Bharath K Rajesh and Leon James. Ko Sesha has penned the lyrics for the song. Ahead of the song's release, the makers have now released the teaser of the song and you can watch it here: