The second season of Cook with Comali was a massive success that gave a huge breakthrough for almost all of its participants. Kani Thiru emerged as the winner of the show, while Shakeela was declared the first runner up. Ashwin Kumar was the second runner up of the show. This much-loved show came to an end on April 14, leaving the fans worried. Ever since the end of the second season, fans have been eagerly waiting to know if the third season of Cook with Comali will happen. The answer to that is now finally known and yes, the third season of Cook with Comali is confirmed.

The makers of the show recently aired a celebration program titled Cook With Comali 2 Kondattam and the show witnessed the return of all the favourite cooks and Comalis in the sets. The show garnered wide attention and viewership and was nothing short of a treat for the fans. However, Pugazh, Pavithra Lakshmi, and Baba Baskar master had to miss out on the show due to their film commitments. In the Kondattam show, Chef Venkatesh Bhat officially confirmed that there is a third season.

Talking about it, he said, "The third season is happening and only that is confirmed. Nothing else (regarding the contestants or host) is confirmed or is true". This confirmation from Venkatesh Bhat has now delighted the fans and we are sure that people will now look forward to the third season. Until further details are known, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the official update. Cook with Comali is a show that brought out the fun and light-hearted side of several television and film personalities and it is going to be interesting to see who is picked as the contestants for the third season. The makers of the show will definitely plan interesting surprises for the fans.