Samyuktha was evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 4 in last night's episode and she had a graceful and elegant exit without any drama. The positive vibe was felt by the audience while watching the show. After coming out of the house, Sam confessed that she had mixed feelings about exiting from the house. Meanwhile, the housemates enter the new week from today (Nov 30), and let us see how this week turns out to be. In the earlier released first promo, four housemates were nominated and it included Ramya Pandian, Aari, Sanam Shetty, and Shivani Narayanan.

We will have to wait until the night to know the complete list of nominations. Having said that, Vijay TV has now officially released the second promo for tonight's episode and this promo is a follow-up of the previous one. We see Bigg Boss informing the housemates about various reasons that were used to nominate certain contestants. Ramya Pandian is seen to figure out the reason that connects her and she laughs at it. Similarly, the housemates also connect that Shivani has been nominated for being in the shadow of Balaji.

Shivani asks the housemates if they did not find any other reason to nominate her, other than linking her with Bala. It looks like tonight's episode is going to be quite fun and exciting. Considering that a new week is starting from today, certain housemates can probably change their game plan or strategy. Let us see how the week progresses. For now, check out the second promo of tonight's Bigg Boss here: