Most of us have watched movies involving jailbreaks where either the heroes or the villains make elaborate plans to escape from high security prisons. Now, such an incident has happened in real life, in the country of Lebanon! This Saturday, over 60 prisoners of a Lebanon jail, attempted to break free from the detention centre. This caused utter chaos and turned into a tragedy for 5 of them, when the car they escaped in, met with a crash and killed them on the spot. The car is said to have rammed into a tree, leaving all 5 inmates trying to escape in it, dead.

Reports state that a total of 69 prisoners had tried to escape from the containment facility, located near the Lebanese capital of Beirut. This facility is considered to be a part of the Baabda district prison and generally holds detainees awaiting trial. How the prisoners made their escape is still being investigated and not clear as yet. Some reports from the ground state that the prisoners managed to break open their cell doors and fled the facility at dawn, under the cover of darkness. Of the 69 prisoners who managed to escape, 5 lost their lives in the car crash. 15 of the prisoners have been recaptured and four of them turned themselves in.

The recent jailbreak comes just a few months after Amnesty International reported about riots inside Lebanese prisons. Following these reports, families of the prisoners had organised sit-in protests, demanding the freeing of the prisoners to ensure that they did not get affected by the rapidly spreading corona virus. Following all these, the Lebanese government also released a few prisoners who needed immediate care and also made a number of other arrangements to guarantee the safety and health of the other prisoners. Details about this recent break-out have been given to the Lebanese President Michel Aoun, by the Caretaker Interior Minister. An official tweet from the President's office stated that the search operations for the remaining missing prisoners, has been intensified.