Pakistan is definitely going through troubled times with some hassles or the other on the world stage. There has been strong opposition to Pakistan's support of terrorism activities against India. Pakistan has lost support from the majority of the Islamic countries, after falling foul of the unproclaimed leader of the Islamic world - Saudi Arabia. The cash-rich kingdom had pulled the plug on the funding and support it had been giving Pakistan. Just recently, Pakistan had sought France's help for updgrading its Mirage fighter jets and submarines but the request was denied.

Now, we hear that the technology giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook have threatened to move out of Pakistan. This issue has cropped up after the Pakistan government announced new draconian rules for social media. The Imran Khan-led Pakistan government had recently granted blanket powers to authorities for censoring digital content. Awarding of this Carte Blanche power has caused IT giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter to announce their decision of wanting to leave Pakistan. These new rules announced by the Pakistan Ministry of Information and Technology, make it mandatory for Internet service providers & social media companies to provide any information and data in decrypted, readable and comprehensible format.

This law covers data like subscriber information, traffic data, content data and all or any other information. The Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), which represents companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter, has raised alarms over this new law and called the government's processes as being "opaque", to develop such rules. A statement by the AIC reads, "The draconian data localisation requirements will also shut Pakistan's digital economy off from the rest of the world." This new law is sure to alienate all the tech companies from Pakistan and unless it is modified or revoked, the future seems to be a tad bleak.