We are three days away from witnessing the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 4 and everyone is looking forward to knowing the winner of this season. 6 contestants were announced to be the finalists for this season and it included Aari, Balaji Murugadoss, Gabriella, Rio Raj, Ramya Pandian, and Som Shekar. The already evicted contestants are also inside the Bigg Boss house right now to spend time with the finalists. Today (January 14), being the Pongal occasion, the housemates are celebrating the festival day with several games, dance, and tasks. We saw a glimpse of their celebrations in today's earlier released first promo.

In the second promo, we saw that the finalists were offered prize money. It has been a usual practice in Bigg Boss house where the last few contestants would be offered prize money and anyone who is interested in taking that money, can get it and walk away from the house, thereby leaving the competition. Usually, people who are not sure about winning the title would take the prize money and walk midway. We had seen Kavin walking away with the special prize money in the third season and it was an emotional moment for many people. It is now time for the same moment to take place in the fourth season. We will have to watch tonight’s episode to know who gets away with that money and walks home.

Vijay TV has now released the third promo for tonight’s episode and in this promo, we see Gabriella coming forward and taking the cash money. She decides to take 5 lakhs prize money and walk out of the Bigg Boss house. She tells the housemates that she is serious about her decision and knows that she may not win the title. Rio stops Gabriella and tells her that he also needs the same, but Gaby keeps her point front. Towards the end of the promo, we see Gabriella shedding tears and becoming emotional and other housemates are seen comforting her.

It indeed looks like Gabriella has walked out of the Bigg Boss house with the amount of Rs 5 Lakhs. The news is already out on social media and wishes have been pouring in for Gaby. People are expressing their thoughts about this incident and many people feel that Gabriella has taken a smart move by quitting from the game with a prize money. If Gabriella is going to out in tonight’s episode, we are surely going to be witnessing some highly emotional moments in the house and get ready for the same. Check out the new promo of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil here: