Ever since the advent of smartphones and the freedom of mobile internet, WhatsApp has been one of the most widely used apps for communicating with others. It is also almost the very first app that anybody would download on any new phone that they purchase. However, a recent policy update from the company, mentioned that some data would be shared from WhatsApp to its parent company Facebook. This raised a lot of concerns over users' privacy on the app and a number of users also began to move out of the app to other competitor apps like Telegram and Signal! There have been a number of concerns over the continued usage of WhatsApp, as the proposed changes would happen from February 8th!

Now, in a recent blog post, WhatsApp has reiterated that the users privacy and data will continue to remain safe on WhatsApp! The company has mentioned that as always, chats between any two individuals would be encrypted from end to end and nobody, not even WhatsApp can listen in or read any conversations between 2 people. The proposed sharing of data, is only applicable for chats with business accounts. WhatsApp has mentioned that data of these chats would only be shared with Facebook, as the company can then facilitate ads for any products that users might be interested in and had mentioned on chats with business accounts!

The release from WhatsApp also states that it will soon allow businesses to use Facebook's hosting services to manage their communication with other users and that it would add a label to businesses which use Facebook's hosting services. Down the line, WhatsApp Business Accounts will be able to use Facebook's Shops feature to display their products on WhatsApp! Users who shop from businesses using the Shops feature, will have their activity data shared with Facebook, which will in turn be used to show relevant ads on Facebook and Instagram. We also hear that Facebook would soon allow people to message businesses using WhatsApp, with a button on the platform itself. Meanwhile, there are reports that over 25 million new users have joined Telegram in the past 72 hours. The tech company Zoho has also announced that it would try to get users leaving WhatsApp to get onboard their company's new app - Arattai!