Popular Malayalam actress Anna Ben became a household name in Kerala and among Malayalees around the world after a stellar debut in the critical and commercial hit Kumbalangi Nights in 2019. The film went on to land the up-and-coming star tremendous acclaim from fans and critics, with the actress then starring in the survival thriller film Helen, followed by romantic drama Kappela earlier this year. Now, Anna Ben has spoken in detail on her Instagram about a shocking incident during a recent visit to the Lulu Hypermarket in the UAE, where she was touched by an individual in an inappropriate manner. 

In a long post, Anna Ben narrated her ordeal via her Instagram Stories saying, "I'm not the one to rant often on social media. But what happened today is something I can't seem to let go.Two men walked past me in a generously spaced aisle in lulu hypermarket which barely had people crowding and one of them not so accidentally grazed his hand on my back while walking past me.Because it caught me off guard I couldn't react immediately. I wanted to give him the benefit of a doubt but you know when something is just not right, you feel it. My sister saw this very clearly as she was standing not so far away. She came to me and asked if I was okay. I was clearly not. The fact that it looked deliberate even for her made it clear that I was not imaging this. I was blank for a minute trying to process this. I walked towards them but they completely ignored me. I made sure that he knew I understood. And they both left the aisle immediately." 

Anna Ben further went on to state, "I was still so angry because I couldn't say anything. I couldn't think of a sensible sentence at that time.My sister and I left the aisle and joined my mom and brother at the vegetable counter. These men apparently followed us. While my mom and brother got busy picking up things Su and I were trying to move the cart to bill. These men came to us again and this time that guy had the audacity to talk to me and my sister. We turned a cold shoulder and asked the guy to mind his own business and leave. When my mom walked towards us they left. As I type this I can think of a thousand things I could have told them and a hundred things I could have done. But I didn't. I just couldn't. I wanted to let this out here so I could feel a little relief. To feel that I have done something about it knowing fully that they walked away without guilt or trouble. Knowing that they might do it again. It angers me. This is not the first time I have had these experiences. But every time it's different and difficult." 

Expressing her disgust at the disturbing incident, Anna Ben concluded saying, "Being a woman has been very tiring, to be on guard every minute as you step out of your house. To watch my cloths when I bend and turn. To guard my chest with my arms in a crowed. The list goes on. And on the days I'm home, I worry about my mother, my sister and my friends who have to do the same things. It is all because of these sick men. You take away our safety. You take away our comfort and the joy of our womanhood. I despise you.To the men reading this, if you have ever done anything remotely inappropriate to a woman know that you are the most lowest form of life and you don't deserve anything but hell. I hope and pray you will never get away with these things like those two men today. And to all the women reading this. I hope you have the courage that I didn't have today to give a tight slap on the face of such men." 

Below are Anna Ben’s Instagram stories’ screenshots: