In the whole wide world of pervertedness, voyeurism takes a rather leading position as it is rather easy to indulge in! Most perverts go undetected till they slip up somewhere and end up getting caught. The recent advancements in technology have been put to rather smart use by perverts for their ill-gotten gains, with little or no concern about the well-being of anybody else. Now, in a shocking revelation, a Bengaluru nurse has been apprehended by the Police after it came to light that she had been secretly recording videos of her colleagues bathing. 

Early last week, the security officials of a women's hostel for the employees of a highly reputed hospital in Bengaluru, found a mobile phone placed on the window sill of one of their bathrooms. Upon investigating the phone, it was identified to contain a video of one of the hostel inmates taking a bath, from earlier the same day. Further investigation into the phone revealed many more such videos of a number of other hostel inmates. Upon delving deeper, it came to light that the phone belonged to a 25-year-old nurse, by the name of Ashwini, who was also staying at the same hostel.

The hostel authorities approached the Police with all the evidence and registered a complaint. Ashwini, who had been working in the emergency ward of the hospital, was taken into custody and interrogated. In another shocking turn of events, it came to light that she had been recording these videos, to send to her boyfriend. Ashwini has since been booked under Section 354C (voyeurism) of the IPC and the Police have summoned her boyfriend for questioning. There are speculations that the boyfriend could have been aiming to sell the videos for money. It is indeed shocking that a person would do such a disgusting thing to one's own colleagues and hostel-mates. All said and done, it is upto every single individual to remain extra cautious at all places!