Actress Vijayalakshmi who we all know as the heroine who played Suriya’s pair in Friends is going through a tough phase in her life. She has been posting videos on her Facebook page asking for help from film stars during this crisis. Apparently, she and her family are struggling due to unemployment and they are finding it hard to make their ends meet. She, in one of her videos, revealed that a few Tamil film producers have not paid her for acting in their films and want that money back now. A few months back, Vijaya Lakshmi had shared a couple of intimate videos with politician/director Seeman. You can see Seeman addressing Vijaya Lakshmi as ‘pondati’ meaning wife. She has been posting the same videos over and over again to tarnish Seeman’s reputation. Vijaya Lakshmi calls Seeman and his party as her first enemy. Following her smear campaign against Seeman, the star politician’s fans have been giving a hard time for Vijaya Lakshmi. Alleged Seeman’s supporters have been posting disgraceful comments on Vijaya Lakshmi’s Facebook page. 
The Friends actress hits back yet again with another spicy reply video - “This is video is completely for Seeman’s supporters. One of Seeman’s supporter has been posting disgraceful comments against me. If you have a closer look at his profile, you would find porn videos and pictures in his profile. I have been posting my intimate videos with Seeman once in two days on my Facebook profile, yet his fans forget how bad he is. If you guys are going to support an unethical person like Seeman, then even I am not going to let go of you guys no matter what my issues are. Why not ask your Seeman why he called me his wife in all those videos I have been posting? Instead, you guys call me a ‘thev***ya’ (Prostitute), what does your leader has to do in a prostitute’s house? All the birthday photos that I have posted were taken at my place. Seeman was nothing but a beggar who visited my house for food and dance. Seeman’s lifestyle might have changed now, but he cannot make you guys me a prostitute. I helped him when he was in need. If you call me ‘thev***ya,’ then I will call your leader Seeman as ‘thev***ya magan’ (prostitute’s son). Seeman might remain silent now but he will have to face the sequences one day. Wait for it.”

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