Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched a special video call facility for coronavirus patients admitted at the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash (LNJP) Hospital, which would allow them to speak to their loved ones from inside the ward. Upon the features of the facility being debriefed to the CM, he then greeted the LNJP doctors and complimented them for their efforts over the past 100 days while declaring it to be a COVID-19 dedicated hospital. 

LNJP was declared to be a hospital completely dedicated to treating coronavirus patients on March 17 and has triumphantly discharged over 2,700 patients upon the completion of their treatment. Incidentally, LNJP also is the only hospital in the country with 2,000 beds and CM Arvind Kejriwal during his address to the media and doctors said that the issue of patients not being able to communicate with their relatives while inside the ward has now been resolved with the installation of the tablet devices, which enable them to converse with each other. Mr. Kejriwal said, "We have installed tablets in coronavirus wards and at a counter outside. These can be used by patients and their relatives for video calling,". 

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia stated that the tablet devices would also prove helpful for doctors and the administration to be in contact with the patients, rather than being physically present, which minimizes the risk of getting exposed to the infectious COVID-19 virus. Mr Kejriwal had also used the video call facility to speak with a few patients admitted to the hospital's coronavirus ward after its launch. 

Praising the relentless efforts of the doctors at the LNJP Hospital, Mr Kejriwal stated that many of the medical staff aren't going home or are avoiding meeting their family members for the fear of spreading the infection. He said, "All doctors here have worked really hard. You can imagine how tough it is to work wearing PPE kits in this heat," while adding that the drawbacks, if any, were because of the administration, and not the healthcare workers. He further stated, "We stand like a rock behind you. If you face any problems, we are there with you. We will work together to improve the facilities. Obviously, there is a scope for improvement,".

Mr. Kejriwal also spoke about the plasma therapy treatment being practiced widely at the LNJP, while adding that it has reduced the death rate among coronavirus patients to a significant extent. He said, "There have been 114 deliveries by COVID-19 positive women in LNJP Hospital, and facilities of dialysis are also available here,".