Marakkuma Nenjam concert controversy: Karthi, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Khushbu Sundar, and leading celebrities extend their support to A. R. Rahman

A r rahman marakkuma nenjam concert controversy karthi yuvan shankar raja shweta mohan khushbu react - Tamil Movie Cinema News

Academy Award-winning composer A. R. Rahman's 'Marakkuma Nenjam' concert held in Chennai on Sunday, September 10, has been embroiled in a big controversy after complaints were raised about mismanagement and the event not being properly organized. The Tamil music director has since asked fans who couldn't enter the venue to mail their ticket details and grievances to his team to respond, with the event organizers ACTC Events also issuing an apology. Taking to X, Rahman addressed the situation and wrote, "Some people call me G.O.A.T …………let me be the sacrificial goat this time for all of us to wake up ..let chennai’s live art flourish with a world class infrastructure,increase in tourism, efficient crowd management,traffic management ,refining audiences to follow rules ..creating a safe and surreal experience for children and women ..Triggering a cultural renaissance at chennai celebrating our deserving ,illuminated local and international talent !" 

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With A. R. Rahman facing a huge backlash on social media over the manner in which the 'Marakkuma Nenjam' concert was organized, many leading celebrities have reacted to the ordeal faced by the fans, while also stepping up for the Tamil composer. Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja was one of the first Tamil cinema personalities to address the incidents at A. R. Rahman's concert while voicing his support for the composer on social media. In a detailed note, Yuvan stated, "Organising an event of the magnitude of a concert is an immensely complex task, involving numerous moving parts, from logistics and crowd control to traffic management. As unfortunate as it is, mishaps such as overcrowding and other unforeseen problems have happened during concerts of such magnitude, owing to several reasons including organisational missteps. Even with the best intentions, things can go awry, causing intense distress to the very people who make our music meaningful - our fans." (sic)

Speaking about the concert organisers, Yuvan wrote, "It's crucial that event producers and organisers reflect upon this incident. As performers, we place our trust in these producers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and our fans, are well taken care of while we're on stage. It is truly disheartening to witness such a situation unfold and it even urges artists, including myself to take on an active role in the planning & safety measures." (sic) Extending his support to A. R. Rahman, he added, "As a fellow musician, I empathise with the situation and stand by AR Rahman, considering the unfortunate events, especially when the concert was intended to give the fans a memorable night, for all the right reasons." (sic)

Likewise, actor Karthi, who along with his family was also present at the 'Marakkuma Nenjam' concert, empathized with fans on their experiences, while also voicing his support for A. R. Rahman. Taking to X, the Ponniyin Selvan star posted, "We have known and loved Rahman sir for more than 3 decades now... What happened during the concert was unfortunate. However, knowing sir he would be immensely affected by it. My family too was at the concert amid the chaos but I stay with #ARRahman sir and I hope the event organizers take responsibility. I request all the fans to choose love over hate as Rahman sir always gave his love to all. #LoveAboveHate". (sic)

Shweta Mohan, who was one of the singers at the 'Marakkuma Nenjam' concert, reposted and responded to a video of a woman who was molested and questioned whether A. R. Rahman deserved perpetrators in the guise of to attend the event. She posted, "Unable to ignore this tweet. For an icon who has stood for peace, love and humanity all his life, it is extremely unfortunate that this has happened at his concert where the music has always eased pain for all attending. Does ARR sir deserve such perpetrators as fans attending his concert? He deserves better, way better. In every concert he dedicates a song especially to women as a reminder to every man of the respect he needs to carry for every woman. But Alas!" (sic) She added, "Stay strong, #Singapenne !! We live in a heinous society. My heart goes out to you. Sending you energy to help overcome this and rise again! "Unakkaga Neeye Udipaai Amma...!" (sic)

Actor-politician Khusbhu Sundar, who also expressed her support for A. R. Rahman, shared how her daughters had been denied entry at the concert despite holding passes to the event. She wrote, "Heard about the major chaos and difficulties faced by #ARR fans at the chennai concert. Rahman has always made sure his fans are never disappointed. My daughter and her friends were among those who were denied entry despite a Diamond pass. It took them over 3 hours to reach the venue. It was very unfortunate. But @arrahman cannot be held responsible for any of the problems that people have faced. It was a complete failure of the management who did not fathom the gravity of the overwhelmingly overflowing crowd for a #ARR live performance. Rahman has always shared love and peace, through his music, his words and his actions. Let's continue to give him all that he deserves.  Let us stand with him and tell him all will be well. ❤️🙏 #standwithARR  #ARRahmanConcert". (sic)

Tamil music director Santhosh Dhayanithi also mentioned how he missed the  'Marakkuma Nenjam' concert and shared a statement from A. R. Rahman in an interview while urging fans to send their details to the company requesting them to not make it political and bring an end to the controversy. He posted, "I think the police have started investigating on what happened at ARR concert..and AR Rahman has himself asked audience who missed the show to send their details and the company will look into it.kindly put an end to this and stop making it political 🙏 #ARRahman". (sic) He added, "I’m sure everything will be fixed in his upcoming concerts..Arr is a man of his words.." (sic)

Producer-filmmaker Suresh Kamatchi also extended his support to A. R. Rahman in a detailed statement in Tamil saying how the composer has always been careful about how his concerts are conducted. 

Similarly, National Award-winning Tamil filmmaker Seenu Ramasamy penned a heartfelt poem in support of A. R. Rahman and dedicated it to him for his honesty and wisdom.