Teachers' Day is a special day for the appreciation of all teachers. It celebrates and honours them for their service and their selflessness in sharing knowledge to students and shaping them up as better people in the society. South Indian cinema has not shied away from movies depicting teachers and we have had a fair share of actors take on this special role. They have swayed and moved us with their performances, making us connect with them. Therefore, on this special day, let us look at some such actors who have left a mark on us after performing as teachers.


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Thalapathy Vijay plays an alcoholic professor in this flick who is enrolled to teach at a juvenile facility, unbeknownst to him. He soon clashes with a ruthless gangster Bhavani, who uses the children as scapegoats for his crimes. Master must now face him, shepherd the children through the valley of darkness, and guide them to do good rather than harm.



Kamal plays the role of Selvam, the new vice principal of a college who treats his wayward students with the utmost respect. He tries to reshape and amend their behaviour all the while fighting an inner war with his cancer diagnosis. The film resonates well with its viewers given its subject matter and Kamal's ability to hold the audience's attention with his captivating performances. 



In Dharmathin Thalaivan, Superstar Rajinikanth plays the role of Professor Balu, an absent-minded but kind-hearted Tamil college Professor. He is soft-spoken and tries to reform his highly pampered brother who is short-tempered, rowdyish, and a drunkard. His attempts are guiding his brother to a better future is something that we can learn a thing or two about as they are life lessons that can be adopted in our day-to-day life.

Sigappu Manithan

Naan Sigappu Manithan, on the other hand, we see Superstar play the role of Vijay, a Tamil professor who fights relentlessly to put an end to prostitution and the production of illicit liquor in the locality where he resides in. 



Vimal plays the character Veluthambi in this film who aspired to have a government job but starts to teach the poor children in a village instead. He decided to bring about a change in how things were going when he learns that the students were appointed as bonded labourers. Vimal shone in the role of a steadfast teacher and in his belief that only by providing education to even those who cannot afford it, can the perils of evils plaguing our country be tackled efficiently. The film has a beautiful message and Vimal did a fine job getting it across.



Samuthirakani played the role of Dayalan, a school teacher, in the film who tries to change the ongoing malpractices in a government school. But his acts are not welcomed by a few senior members and students, which unfortunately leads to a rift between them. With much effort, he later turns into an advisor for the students. He encourages and motivates students who are down with confidence and energy levels. In order to tackle this issue, he attempts at turning turn into an advisor for the students. He encourages and motivates students with confidence in order to guide them to a better future.



In this flick, Captain Vijayakanth plays the role of Ramana, a professor, who attempts to eliminate corruption from society by creating a secret force called the ACF with the help of his students who are now working in various government offices. They kidnap fifteen most corrupt employees from each government department and kill the most unscrupulous one.



Sathyaraj plays the role of Virumandi Sandhanam aka Virus, a stern and stubborn college principal who wants his students to become a bookworm in order to excel in academics which would later help them excel in life. His performance in the film is highly memorable due to his antics and amusing view on life. 



Sneha plays Amudhavalli, a teacher who specializes in dealing with specially-abled children. Her outlook towards life and the world around her is admirable and the way her character is around the child is something that we all must look up to as there is nothing but love there. 



Jyothika plays the role of Geetha Rani a.k.a. Ammu, a tenacious headmistress of a government school. She gets to know about the misbehaving students, not the updated and lethargic routine of teachers and also the education system which has to be reformed. Therefore she teaches everyone a lesson in perseverance as she battles bureaucracy and corrupt officials to bring her government-run school up to scratch.



In the second act of the story, Sai Pallavi plays Malar, a new lecturer in college with a Tamil background. She is instantly loved by the main protagonist George and everyone else for her warm and loving nature. Her sweet yet bold personality strikes a chord with the audience which in turn made her the fan favorite of the movie. She charmed everyone with her performance, dance and ability to captivate the audience just with her presence on screen.