Thalapathy Vijay’s Master which had a phenomenal run at the box office recently got released on Amazon Prime Video platform. The audience who did not see the film in theatres got to witness the movie at the comfort of their homes and it was indeed surprising to see the movie coming out on an OTT platform in just 16 days after the film’s theatrical release. A few days before, a deleted scene from the movie was released by Prime Video and the scene became instantly viral on social media. The deleted scene featured Vijay, Gouri Kishan, Cibi, and others, and it was a scene where Vijay talked in support of Gouri’s character. The scene received a good response from the masses and many people felt that the scene could have been placed in the movie.

After the scene became viral on social media, meme creators captured a few screenshots from the video that gave a feeling that Gouri was laughing. Those screenshots suggested that Gouri was laughing when Vijay was seriously performing the scene. There were also talks that said that the makers had to cut the scene only because of Gouri. However, the young talent denied the information and made an important clarification regarding the same.

In an exclusive conversation with Galatta Media, Gouri said, “Initially, I also took it lightly because it was fun. I smiled at seeing the memes. But, very recently, there were talks that the scene was deleted only because of me. I don’t think it is true. When a really important scene is taking place, why would I laugh and spoil the mood? I feel Gouri was in the character of Savitha during that scene and did not laugh or smile. Probably, it could have looked like I laughed and giggled, while watching it from certain angles. I would like to clarify that I never smiled or laughed at that situation. You can even clarify about it with Lokesh Kanagaraj sir if you get a chance to.

 If I had spoiled it, they would have noticed it and the scene wouldn’t have even be dubbed. The scene was there in dubbing. They might have taken it out at the last minute for various reasons. There are certain media houses that spread the news that the scene got deleted only because of me, which is not true. It would be nice if they could probably get a clarification from the director,”. So, it looks like Gouri did not laugh during that sequence. Check out Gouri’s clarification video here: