One person who has become a huge sensation across Tamil Nadu after his appearance on the hit Tamil reality TV show Bigg Boss is model Balaji Murugadoss. With Aari Arujunan winning the Bigg Boss 4 title, Balaji gave him tough competition during their 105-day stay on the show, where he was declared to be first runner up, followed by Rio Raj coming in as the second runner up, Ramya Pandian emerging as the third runner up and finally, Som Shekhar as the final and fourth runner up. Bala, who has been keeping himself busy by catching up with all that he had missed during his stay inside the Bigg Boss 4 house, has now shared a couple of posts on his Instagram page.

In his first Instagram post, Balaji has shared a fan edit of pictures of himself from the present and the past. He captioned the picture, "25years old Bala kissing 5years old Bala.  Some of us are building from SCRATCH. No inheritance, no connections, no backups. Just blood, sweat skills and eyes full of dreams  Enaku vote potadhuku nandri Thanks for this edit I love it". Likewise, Bala also thanked fans in a short video for their love and votes during his stay in the Bigg Boss 4 house. He goes on to inform fans that he wouldn't be enjoying the success if it weren't for them. Bala is then seen telling fans that he isn't able to do a live video and is hence posting the video as a mark of gratitude for their support. 


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Similarly, Balaji Murugadoss was given a grand welcome after his Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 return, which saw people from nearby houses gather around. In a video that has gone viral on social media, we can see Balaji dancing as if there was nobody around. Bala is joined by a few friends, who all show their marana kuththu steps and skills. Check out the video of Bala dancing his heart out in the video below: