Bigg Boss Call Centre task was temporarily halted last week due to Cyclone Nivar and the housemates were also informed that it will continue this week. As said, the task has resumed and it is now time for the shift. The Call Centre team of last week will now be the customer and the customers of last week will be the Call Centre officials. In the first released promo of tonight's episode, we saw Balaji Murugadoss calling Aari over the phone and questioned about his honesty. Balaji made several allegations against Aari and it created a good buzz on social media.

Following that, the second promo has now been released by Vijay TV and this promo is a follow-up of the previous promo. We see Aari explaining about the phone call to Sanam Shetty and on the other hand, Balaji explains about his stance to Archana and Nisha. Balaji says that he did certain things to make people understand about Aari and adds that he is no more interested in raising his voice against anyone. Similarly, Aari claims that Balaji did not allow to speak him and says he (Balaji) particularly spoke in a certain way to justify him and portray Aari in a badlight.

Aari and Balaji are not in good terms for the past few weeks and they've been involved in several arguments in the past. It looks like tonight's episode is also going to showcase something of that sort.

Meanwhile, seven contestants have been nominated for this week's Bigg Boss eviction process and the seven members include Ramya Pandian, Aari, Aranthangi Nisha, Shivani Narayanan, Sanam Shetty, Aajeedh, and Anitha Sampath. Going by the online support and social media buzz, Aari and Ramya Pandian will most likely be saved and the real competition will be between the rest of the five housemates. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait until the weekend to know who walks out of the house. For now, check out the newly released Bigg Boss 4 promo here: