2020 has predominantly been a year filled with grief for people world over as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from the COVID-19 outbreak, there have also been natural disasters and other serious incidents across the globe, with several notable personalities passing away due to ailments and some others getting afflicted with serious health conditions. In that light, popular Bollywood actor Rahul Roy, known for starring in the 1990 nationwide blockbuster Aashiqui, suffered a brain stroke while shooting for his upcoming film LAC - Live The Battle in Kargil. According to reports, the 52-year-old is said to be suffering from a condition called Aphasia - a condition where you cannot frame sentences in a correct form. 

Rahul Roy, who also is the winner of the first ever Bigg Boss (Hindi) in 2006, had to be airlifted to Mumbai after the brain stroke from the LAC - Live The Battle in Kargil shooting spot and was admitted to the Nanavati Hospital. Rahul's health condition is said to have initially deteriorated as a result of the extreme weather conditions in Kargil. As of now, his condition is better and improving than before, with the actor showing positive signs of recovery. Romeer Sen, Rahul Roy's brother-in-law Romeer Sen didn't divulge any details of the actor's health, but stated, "We stay with Rahul bhaiyya and the medicines prescribed by the doctors are working for him. He should be out of this soon. But, do pray for him." 

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, LAC - Live The Battle in Kargil producer Nivedita Basu said, "Rahul has been a close friend of the director and he was the first one on the project." She added, "Kargil had extreme weather conditions and they had gone up to -12°C and -13°C, so it was just a matter of time when someone would have succumbed to the cold, and I think that’s exactly what happened with Rahul. His one day of the shoot was still left but when we got to know about him, we told Nitin that we need to get him out."