It is well known that most of the flight attendants have been well-groomed to provide a pleasant travel experience for all their passengers. Sometimes, the politeness and pleasing personality is mistaken by some miscreants, who then go on to misbehave with these flight attendants but are kept in check by firm rules and are brought to book for criminal activity or even barred from flying again. However, what does one do if it is one of the stewardesses who is the naughty one and advertises to offer in-flight adult entertainment to passengers for money?

British Airways is now investigating an anonymous stewardess, who has been doing all the above mentioned. The unknown stewardess has been posting her streaky photos on social media and even offering various adult services in-flight, for sums of money. Some reports state that she had been posting photos of her legs in enticing leggings and also been selling her underwear for various sums of money. There is also a report that she herself has contacted a huge media house and offered some juicy details about her naughty dealings.

The stewardess has also been posting updates teasing her followers that she doesn't wear any underwear while on duty and has also offered various adult services while on flight and also after. One of the stewardess's online posts is said to have read, "If you ever want adult entertainment on-board, all you have to do is give me a sum of money and you’ll be treated to a whole different experience of your choice." Maanwhile, amidst huge outrage over this, the British Airways has revealed that it has launched a probe and is investigating which of their employees has been upto this. A spokesperson for the airline is said to have told the media, "We expect the highest standard of behavior from all of our colleagues at all times, and we are investigating the claims."