Popular Tamil television serial actress, Chitra died by suicide during the early hours of yesterday (Dec 7) morning and her demise took the entire state of Tamil Nadu by deep shock. She was reportedly found hanging in her hotel room. Chitra reportedly took part in the shooting of a Vijay TV program on Tuesday night at EVP Film City and the shoot got over only around 2.30 AM at midnight. Since she had to continue the shooting for the next day at the same place, she decided to stay at a nearby hotel and she was accompanied by her husband, Hemanth. The couple had got engaged a few months before and a registered marriage took place in October.

A grand wedding was scheduled to happen in February, in order to announce the wedding to the public and friends. After hearing about her unexpected death, the fans doubted and claimed that she could have been murdered or killed, since they felt that Chitra wasn't a person who would kill herself. In an unexpected turn of events, Chitra's mother has made some shocking and strong allegations against Hemanth. Chithu's mother met the press and media and requested everyone's support in bringing justice to her daughter. She claimed that Chitra is not a coward to hang herself, adding that Hemanth is the main reason for her death.

Talking to the media, Chitra's mother said, "I talked to my daughter on Tuesday night at 8 PM and she told me that she is in the sets of Start Music. She asked me to sleep since the shoot would get late. I slept and the next day morning around 5 AM, her father-in-law called and told me that Chitra is dead. I was broken into pieces. How can she pass away suddenly when she was just talking to me nicely, last night? I doubt highly on Hemanth. He has only done something to my daughter. Before engagement, I used to travel with Chitra to all her shoots and I will accompany her throughout. She will drive the car and take me to places. Once the engagement got over, he talked well and I thought he will take good care of her.

So I stopped going and he accompanied her to places. Never in my dream, I thought this would happen. I haven't raised Chitra to be a coward. She is not someone who will kill herself. In fact, she would advise people with suicidal thoughts not to do that. I will not accept that she has committed suicide. There is a mystery. He (Hemanth) should be arrested and killed. He is only responsible for this". This emotional press meet from Chithu's mother has made the fans feel worried and sad and let us hope that justice is served soon. Chitra aka Chithu VJ will be remembered by the fans for her portrayal of 'Mullai' character in the Tamil serial, Pandian Stores. Check out the press meet video of Chitra's mother here: