Ever since the Central government announced the 3 controversial Agricultural Bills, there have been widespread protests from the opposition parties as well as the farmers. However, not taking any of this into account, the Central Government went ahead and passed these Bills into laws! All across the nation, Farmers have been protesting against these Laws and demanding that they be scrapped entirely. Hundreds of farmers have been protesting in Delhi for days together, despite the extreme temperatures and a number of political parties have also been supporting them.

However, there has been no budging on the Central Government's stance and though there were reports of the PM and his ministers holding talks with the farmers to address their concerns, the talks failed, despite going for 10 rounds. Now, the Supreme Court of India has stepped in and addressed the issue. A 3-judge bench has announced a stay on the 3 Agricultural Laws. Reading a statement from this Bench, Chief Justice of India - SA Bobde said, "We are going to suspend implementation of the three farm laws until further orders." The SC also announced the formation of an expert committee, to take inputs from all the stakeholders, regarding the farmers protests and their concerns.

The expert committee will comprise of Bhupinder Singh Mann - President of the Bhartiya Kisan Union & Chairman of the Kisan Coordination Committee, Policy expert Dr. Pramod Joshi, Shetkari Sangathan representative Anil Ghanvat and Agricultural Economist Ashok Gulati. During the hearing, the SC also mentioned that it was extremely disappointed with the way the Centre was handling the farmers' protests. The Judges also added, "the Minimum Support Price System in existence before the enactment of the Farm Laws shall be maintained until further orders. In addition, the farmers' land holdings shall be protected, i.e., no farmer shall be dispossessed or deprived of his title as a result of any action taken under the Farm Laws." The first meeting of the Expert Committee formed by the SC, will meet in 10 days. However, reports state that the farmers do not see this decision by the SC as a solution to their issues and are continuing to demand the complete repeal of the Farm Laws.