Almost the entire world spent 2020 facing the issues brought on by the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic. No country was left behind but the world is now fighting back against the Virus with the arrival of potent vaccines. This has given the hope to everybody that this year 2021 has dawned for the better. However, it doesn't seem the case for Pakistan! The whole nation was plunged into darkness yesterday. This happened when an issue developed in the national power grid, causing a massive blackout across all of Pakistan, including Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan, Islamabad and Lahore. This happened around midnight, early on Sunday morning!

Reports state that an engineering fault in southern Pakistan around 11:41 pm on Saturday, triggered a nation-wide power collapse. Pakistan, having a population of 210 million, is serviced by a delicate and complex web of electricity distribution system and an issue in one section of this grid can and has lead to major trouble across the entire grid. The Pakistani Electricity Minister Omar Ayub Khan addressed the media and gave out these details. He had also added, "Our experts are trying to determine the exact location of the fault, which we have not been able to find out." Khan also stated that identifying the issue would take some time as the entire area was under dense fog. 

Power supply was first restored in major areas of Punjab, which is Pakistan's most populous province and the economic hub of Karachi. Thankfully, the power supply at hospitals was not disrupted as they had back-up generators. During the course of today, power was restored to most parts of the country but many areas were yet to receive power. The sudden nation-wide blackout triggered panic among the citizens of Pakistan. There were widespread rumours of people expecting an announcement of martial law across the nation, while some people were actually afraid of an imminent attack by Indian forces. The internet ran amok with funny memes of all kinds circulating widely. Many memes criticising the Pakistan government and the application of a "dark mode" across the country, became very popular!