We have seen quite a few bizarre cases that have come to Court! However, people's tolerance levels seem to have gone down so much that even a game of Ludo can end in Court! Reports of a 24-year-old woman approaching a Family Court in Bhopal district of Madhya Pradesh, over her father cheating in a game of Ludo, have now surfaced! We hear that the woman has now lost respect for her father and wants to sever all ties with him as he is said to have defeated her by cheating in the game. Now, she doesn't even wants to call him 'father'. The reason given by the woman is that she had a lot of trust on her father and didn't expect him to cheat her and was let down when that happened.

It looks like the young woman seems to have gotten very aggravated by this incident as she had to sit through four sessions by a counsellor, after the incident. All this came to light, when a Counsellor named Sarita at the Bhopal Family Court revealed that she was approached by a 24-year-old woman, a couple of days back! The woman had stated that she had been playing Ludo with her father and siblings, when her father killed one of her coins in the game. She has further told Ms. Sarita that she could not believe her own father would do such a thing to her, especially after promising her all the happiness in the world. Sarita also added that the young girl felt that her relationship with her father could never exist after such an incident.

Sarita was quoted as saying, "The woman said she lost respect for her father as he went on to defeat her. She felt that her father should have lost in the game for the sake of her happiness." The news agency ANI further reported Sarita as stating, "We have conducted four counselling sessions with her. After four counselling sessions, she now feels positive." It is indeed hilarious that a simple game of Ludo could lead to such frission within a family.