Vijay Sethupathis much expected venture Sindhubaadh was set for a big release on May 16th was later announced that the movie will only be releasing in June due to some financial dispute in the distridutor's side. And now, the problems for the movie seems to getting much bigger.

Vijay Sethupathi Sindhubaadh

Earlier, Arka Media Works, the producers of Baahubali franchise had issued a legal notice to K Productions who distributed the second part of Baahuballi (The Conclusion) in Tamil Nad stating that the latter should pay an amount of 17.6 crores to the production house towards the purchase of exploitation rights of the film. The legal notice also stated that the cheques given by K Productions were dishonoured by the banks for insufficient funds.

Baahubali The Conclusion

And now as a big step, Arka Media Works has again served a legal notice to K Productions on Thrusday (May 9th) seeking interim stay of the two films that K Productions is associated with. The two films are Vijay Sethupathi's Sindhubaadh directed by SU Arunkumar and the other is Gautham Menon directorial and Dhanush starrer Enai Noki Paayum Thota. The legal notice has been issued to Rajarajan of K Productions with copies marked to Film Financiers Association represented by its Secretary, Chandraprakash Jain, Chennai. They stay order has been passed by the Hyderabad High Court.

Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta Dhanush Megha AkashSindhubaadh ENPT Legal NoticeSindhubaadh ENPT Legal NoticeSindhubaadh ENPT Legal Notice

Dhanush's ENPT has been in the shed for a long time and the release of the movie looks unlikely in the near future. With Sindhubaadh also facing the same issue, there might be a adelay in the release of the Vijay Sethupathi movie as well. We hope the issue is sorted out soon so fans cold enjoy their stars on the big screens.

ENPT Release Dhanush Megha Akash