Khushbu plays the central character in Paartha Gnyaabagam Illayo, which is telecast from Monday to Thursday on Kalaingar TV at 9.30 pm. Khushbu’s character Oviya is becoming interesting with various turning points.

Villain Raghunath, to take revenge on Oviya, tries to meet her husband Karthik and get him married. But Oviya manages to stop the marriage. On his plan being foiled, Raghunath influences Karthik, who is a drug addict, to kill his wife. For the sake of a single drug injection, Karthik goes ahead to kill his wife and she escapes this time as well. But Oviya is in for a shock when she learns that it is her husband who tried to kill her and also comes to know about his drug addiction. She realizes that her husband is just a puppet under the villain Raghunath and tries to get Karthik out of the villain's trap. Whether she succeeds in doing so are the upcoming nail-biting episodes of Paatha Gnyabagam Illayo.

While the story is by Khusbu herself, Paartha Gnyabagam Illayo is directed by N Priyan. Screenplay and dialogues are by S Ashok Kumar. The serial is produced by Khushbu’s home production Avni Tele Media.