Vanitha’s husband Peter Paul’s relationship issues with his first wife have been the trending news for the past few days. Peter Paul’s wife Elizabeth Helen and Vanitha have been giving contradictory statements regarding this issue. Peter Paul’s son had approached us to clear the air with an interview, this is what he had to tell us - “I and my father share the same bond that most dad-son do. It is a typical relationship and that’s not going to change because of anything. Even before the marriage event, my father used to come and meet us often. Since we admitted my father in a rehabilitation centre, I came to my grandmother’s house when I was doing my 9th standard. He planned with three of his roommates in the rehabilitation to escape the premise. They used a bedsheet to climb down from the top of the building but his attempt to escape failed and he had an accident falling on glass pieces placed on the wall. Then we had to admit him in a hospital for treatment. He is definitely not teetotaler and he drinks so much when he knows he is in trouble or when he hides something from people. The 3rd affair that my dad had before my mother got parted from him, during that time, he came fully drunk and asked me ‘are you fine replacing your mother with another aunty?’ My sister was a young baby when this incident took place. My dad also went to my mother and told her the girl he has affair with is pregnant with a baby like Tina (my sister).   
I agree I went to Vanitha’s house, she invited me to her house for dinner once. I remember the full incident, around 8 o clock, I got myself ready and was standing at the backside of my house. My father came in a Scotty and picked me up. We went to Vanitha’s house, akka welcomed me, I sat on the sofa and my dad sat in a bean bag next to me. Vanitha and I had a small formal discussion and then I was mostly engaging in conversations with her daughters in the dining table. Then we had dinner and they dropped me back home.” 
“To be frank, I didn’t feel anything when I heard my dad is getting married once again to Vanitha. Because I have been with him since my childhood, we have faced so many problems because of him. One term that I always hear is ‘affair’ my dad’s affair with women is a never-changing issue in our family. Whenever he changed company, he finds a new affair, that’s how it has always been, so I am used to him being so disloyal and I didn’t feel anything when I came to know that he is getting married to Vanitha.”