Vanitha Vijayakumar’s name has been on the headlines for the past few days and we have been seeing numerous interviews and videos regarding her marriage with Peter Paul which turned out to be controversial. Having said that, YouTuber Suriya Devi was arrested last night by the Vadapalani Police who enquired her about her controversial videos concerning Vanitha. We had also reported about it this morning. Following that, Suriya Devi was granted bail and was released by the Police after the enquiry regarding the issue. After coming out of the station, Suriya Devi addressed the press and media and shared her side of the issue.

She said, “Yesterday night around 7 PM, Police officers came to my house and asked me to come over to the station for an enquiry. I was quite hesitant since it was night and my kids had not eaten anything. They convinced me that the enquiry will not last longer than 30 minutes. So, I agreed and went. They enquired me about a few things and then Vanitha came there along with her lawyer. Once she came, the Police gave her all the freedom.

My lawyer who came there was talking with Vanitha’s lawyer and I was sitting in a corner, seeing them. Suddenly, Vanitha shouted at me saying, “Ey! Vaaya Moodu. Ilana Vaaya Paethruven” and she came to hit me with her slippers. I got triggered and said, ‘Enga Adi Paapom’. I told nothing more or less. I just told those three words and the Police officers took me into custody and put me inside a jail. They confiscated my cell phone and told me that they’re arresting me. I was shocked.

They never took any action against Vanitha who shouted at first and came to hit me with her slippers. She did this drama in front of all the Police Officers, but no one took any action against her. They never heard my side of the story. I feel very sorry for Elizabeth because it is evident that the Police are supporting only Vanitha. She filed a fake case against me saying that I sell drugs and weed. They told they have enough evidence to prove that. But, the Judge came this morning and granted me bail after hearing the truth from me.

It is a fake case that has no truth to it. I don’t do anything of that sort. If she withdraws her fake case against me, I’d stop crossing her path. I will never put any videos regarding her. But, if she doesn’t withdraw the case, I will continue to put videos about Vanitha daily in my YouTube channel. I want her to accept her mistake and agree that she filed a baseless case.