There have been a lot of celebrity deaths over the years, with the most recent being Bollywood  actor Sushant Singh Rajput's demise, which continues to leave many sad around the nation. Many reasons can be attributed to celebrities in the entertainment industry resorting to the drastic step of taking their own lives ranging from financial, family or emotional issues. As Sushant Singh Rajput's death continues to be mired in mystery and plenty of controversy, another popular celebrity by the name of Oh In-hye and this time in South Korea was found unconscious in her house on Monday. 

According to reports, South Korean actress Oh In-hye residing in the city of Incheon, was found to be in an unresponsive state by her friend at around 5AM. The actress' friend then quickly alerted the paramedics, who rushed to the house, with the police following suit and ascertained that she had a cardiac arrest upon a medical examination. Oh In-hye was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) including other emergency procedures before being taken to a hospital nearby by the Incheon Yeonsu Police and the Songdo Fire Department. During treatment, her breathing and pulse were brought back to stability. 

As per latest reports, the police is trying to identify the cause of Oh In-hye going into an unconscious state, with an investigation underway to see if it was an attempt to commit suicide. A notable name in the South Korean entertainment industry, the 36-year-old actress made her debut in the 2011 film, Sin of a Family, after which she followed up with roles in Red Vacance Black Wedding, Eating, Talking, Faucking, A Journey with Korean Masters, No Breathing, Secret Travel and The Plan in 2014. There are some reports stating that she had been in a state of depression owing to not landing any major roles for more than 5 years. Furthermore, police officials are looking into how the actress' friend managed to report the incident from her house at such an odd hour.