Super Singer sensation Aajeedh was evicted from the Bigg Boss house in last night’s episode and he was the eleventh contestant to be evicted in this season. Aajeedh’s voice was not strongly heard in these 90 days and that became one of the reasons for his eviction. He had a sweet exit from the Bigg Boss house, without any melodrama. While talking to Kamal Haasan during his final speech, Aajeedh said, “To be exact, I was evicted in the third weekend. Later, I was eventually getting saved every week in the last and it made me feel low. But, in a way, I feel glad and happy that people made me stay inside the house for 90 days when many others left much before that. I will make use of this popularity and fame to good use. I feel proud that I am a part of a show that is hosted by Kamal Haasan sir,”.

Following that, Aajeedh has now posted his first-ever video after his Bigg Boss exit. He posted a new video on his Instagram page, thanking everyone for supporting him for the past 90 days. He assured everyone that he will entertain people through music and other forms. Talking in a video, Aajeedh said, “As you all must have seen, I have been evicted from the Bigg Boss house. You all have made me stay inside the house for 90 long days and it is not a joke. My wholehearted thanks to each and everyone who took time to vote for me and made me stay inside. Your love and support throughout this Bigg Boss journey has been immense. I saw a few special edits on social media and those were beautiful. I was touched. It has been quite some time since I saw these special edits and it looked sweet.

Even though I am outside, I will try my best to entertain everyone through the form of music. I haven't decided on what to do and how to do, but I will come up with a plan soon. Stay connected with me through this page. I have seen both positive and negative comments to my game. I am definitely taking up all the positive comments. Everyone will receive negative comments, that too, when it is concerning Bigg Boss, you cannot avoid it. So I am not taking it and I am ignoring negativity. But, I will definitely take up the constructive criticisms that came my way. I have been true to myself and did not act fake in front of the camera during these 90 days. Thank you for all the love".


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