India's total confirmed Coronavirus cases tally nears the 500 mark, the number seems to increase at a rapid pace by each passing day. Around 470 people have been tested positive. Samples from 19,817 individuals were tested as on 23rd March. The state government of Tamil Nadu has announced that a lockdown would be in place starting Tuesday evening to combat the spread of Covid-19. This has pushed the panic button and people living in Chennai are finding their means to move to their native place. The scenes from Chennai Koyambedu bus stand shows that nobody is thinking about social distancing but wants to get back to their hometown as soon as possible. There are several people roaming in the streets not knowing the importance of social distancing.  
Actor Shanthnu has condemned this irresponsible behaviour via Twitter, his tweets read as follows: “Makkaley PLS PLS PLS stop roaming out thinking u won’t catch the Virus ! PLS SPREAD WORD ABOUT SOCIAL DISTANCING! I still hear about gatherings at pani puri & beeda shops. From tom the police will start beating d shit out of u if you r spotted outside unnecessarily. 
You are not RISKING UR LIFE ALONE but JEAPORDISING OTHERS LIVES. Daily workers , uneducated ppl we can understand but there are so many EDUCATED PPL still out on the roads. PLS GET BACK INSIDE & STAY INSIDE.”