Sathya is one of the most popular serials in Tamil and it is running successfully, crossing over 600 episodes. The serial, which airs on Zee Tamil channel, features Ayesha and Vishnu in the lead roles. Indran, Santhosh, Yuvasree, Srividya Natarajan, Visalakshi Manikandan, Ramya Joseph, Geetha Ravishankar, and others play supporting roles. The serial's lead and actress Ayesha took to her official Instagram page to post an important clarification video. Apparently, it has come to her notice that a few people are using her name on social media to cheat innocent people and she posted a video to make people aware of the fraudulent activity. Ayesha requested her followers and people to be aware of the same.

Talking in the video, Ayesha said, "A few people on Instagram claim that they know me and they use my name to get personal details of innocent people. They promise to share my personal number and get their important details. I am hearing that these fraud people are getting money and other personal details from innocent people, using my name. Please, do not give your personal details to anyone. You will not get access to my personal phone number and do not believe in any false promises.

Our numbers would be available only with our authorised managers, and even they would not share it with common people, just like that. So, do not even get fooled. Also, this is my only official Instagram account. All others are fake accounts. Do not get misguided by fake profiles. Even this page, only my admin team is handling and I use only occasionally. If you receive any abusive or indecent messages, DM the details to my official page. We will do our best to support you. Please do not share your personal details with anyone. During this pandemic, I hope all of you are safe inside your homes. Wear masks when you step out. Love you all. Take care".

Find below the official clarification video of actress Ayesha:


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