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S J Suryah reveals why Mark Antony can be called Maanaadu 2, shares a scenario explaining the concept of the time-travel film (EXCLUSIVE)

S j suryah explains why mark antony can be called maanaadu 2 vishal adhik ravichandran - Tamil Movie Cinema News

Filmmaker-actor S J Suryah's next big film is the highly-anticipated Mark Antony starring Vishal in the lead role. Directed by Trisha Illana Nayanthara fame Adhik Ravichandran, the upcoming film is scheduled for a grand release in theatres on September 15 and is billed to be a time-travel entertainer. With only a few days left for the release of Mark Antony, S J Suryah recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Galatta to talk about the film and why he says it can be called Maanaadu 2. Informing that Mark Antony is not a spoof of any previous films, S J Suryah said, "It's a very freaky entertainer. It's like a new genre and Adhik sir is the man behind its creation." 

Explaining that Mark Antony can be called Maanaadu 2, S J Suryah stated, "Maanaadu is a time-loop film wherein an incident keeps repeating as a concept." He continued, "Now, imagine an incident has already happened in our lives and we also happened to be a part of it. For example, a close friend of mine, back in the 1970s, died in a car accident. Fast forward to 1995 and imagine that I'm getting a phone, which gives me an opportunity to talk [to any person] back in time, and that's the concept. I'd then call my friend and tell him not to take that particular route to avoid getting involved in the accident. This isn't the actual story [of Mark Antony]. I'm just stating this as a reference." 

S J Suryah further stated, "Adhik has written an awesome screenplay featuring elements like the past and future interspersed together in an understandable and entertaining manner." Giving further credit to Mark Antony director Adhik Ravichandran for writing a screenplay that revolves around two different time periods, S J Suryah said that the filmmaker has made a film that will be understood without any confusion while adding that the audience will have a good time. 

Watch S J Suryah talk about Mark Antony in the video below: