Following his inspiring speeches during the Jallikatu Protests, RJ Balaji went from being the funny guy on the Radio to a responsible citizen with potential to influence and guide the youth of today. In cinema he has played the comic side kick to the hero but that too changed when Mani Ratnam gave him a more serious role in Kaatru Veliyidai. He's quite the darling of the masses right now because he always speaks from the heart. He manages to discuss serious issues by infusing comedy into it.

In a live chat with his followers on Twitter, RJ Balaji answered some direct questions in his usual fun way. When asked who had the ability to change Tamilnadu's political scene, his answer was direct and simple "us"!

Most questions were related to his movies including the Pongal release Thana Serndha Kootam. He revealed that he didn't have much time with Suriya but in the brief interaction he was awed by the star. RJ Balaji has a movie with Vijay coming up but what about Ajith? Fans claimed they are waiting, RJ Balaji added, "I'm WAITING too!"

When asked if he thought movie awards are given to the right people he promptly said NO! Why? ".. Because I have received a few!" he added! Now that's the kind of free flowing humor that has won over the loyalty of thousands of followers.