Nelson Dilipkumar reveals how he handled the Beast mixed reviews, shares how 'Thalapathy' Vijay supported him: "He would check on me every day..." (EXCLUSIVE)

Nelson dilipkumar reveals how he handled the thalapathy vijay beast reviews jailer - Tamil Movie Cinema News

Filmmaker Nelson Dilipkumar is currently one of the most-discussed Tamil cinema names and he recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Galatta to talk to acclaimed and National Award-winning Tamil actress Suhasini Maniratnam about his latest film, Jailer, starring 'Superstar' Rajinikanth and its phenomenal success. During the heart-to-heart conversation, Nelson also opened up on the mixed response he had received for his previous directorial, Beast, which had 'Thalapathy' Vijay in the lead, and how the actor extended his support for the feedback that was coming his way. 

Speaking about how he handled the mixed reviews of Beast, Nelson said, "When my first film didn't get made, I gathered experience in those 5-6 years and this too was an experience. In case the film is mixed, I had a clue that it would go into a negative zone. And, if it were really good, I knew how high they would speak of it. So, I was affected in those first 3-4 days and after the fifth day of Beast's release, I began writing Jailer full-time. I had completed the story and started the writing work. After that, it didn't affect me that much. But, I did have a thought that I should make Jailer in the right manner. Since Beast got a mixed response, Jailer cannot end up the same way. And, it should not since it will create a problem for my survival. In addition, I had confidence in Jailer as I had done Beast before. I knew that all the commercial elements were correct this time and I dove into it. I didn't take the earlier feedback personally." 

Explaining how Vijay was supportive after the release of Beast, Nelson continued, "He would check on me every day. He knew how there was negative talk and whether I was okay. He'd inquire about me to his manager and he would personally message me. He was calling me every alternate day and talking to me." Sharing how Vijay has learned to take things in his stride, Nelson said, "He must have seen a lot. He has experience of 30 years in cinema. When something like this happens to us, he would say, 'It'll be like that. It'll get better,' and would lift me up positively. And, he was highly conscious about none of this affecting me, and that's the reason during the one month after the release of Beast, he would always keep a close watch over me. 

Watch Nelson Dilipkumar in conversation with Suhasini Maniratnam in the video below: