EXCLUSIVE: Nelson Dilipkumar opens up on 'Thalapathy' Vijay's reaction to Beast reviews: "Our efforts were genuine..."

Nelson dilipkumar opens up on thalapathy vijay reaction to beast reviews jailer movie - Tamil Movie Cinema News

Filmmaker Nelson Dilipkumar is on cloud nine after the blockbuster opening to his latest film, Jailer, starring 'Superstar' Rajinikanth in the lead role and produced under the Sun Pictures banner. With the mass action entertainer getting a staggering response at the box office, the hit director sat down with Galatta for an exclusive interview to talk about the making of the film, while also opening up on the mixed feedback to his previous venture, Beast, with 'Thalapathy' Vijay. Addressing the negative response from a section of fans, including Vijay's reaction to the film's performance at the box office, Nelson said, "To be frank, he said, 'We made a film. Some people liked it. Some didn't. What can we do about that? Our efforts were genuine. We made what you narrated to me. All that is done. When we do something next time, we'll do it differently.' I also asked him if he was upset with me. He asked me back, 'Why should I be angry with you?' I told him that there was a mixed response to the film. All he said was, 'Yow...' and left the place." 

Nelson added, "He (Vijay) later called and asked me, 'You think our friendship is based only on a film? I'm feeling disturbed after what you told me now.' I then said, 'No sir, people are saying all kinds of things and that is why I asked you.' All he said was, 'That's a different thing and this is something different. If not this film, we'll work on another film. ' This was his reaction. Apart from that, we often talk and he has been keeping a follow-up on me since the beginning of Jailer till yesterday. Once the reviews came out, he texted me, 'Congratulations. Super happy for you.' " He continued, "All this won't be known outside. The people will keep saying stuff. And, sometimes not responding to what they're saying is the better decision because it's entertainment for them and that is why they're doing that. There's no reason to respond to any of that. We made a film and it has come out. And, how the consumers consume it, is up to them. We're at the receiving end and we can't give a tough to them. 'I did the film like this. They didn't understand. There's this and that and many things.' There's no need to justify. Who's going to benefit from this? Neither me nor them. It'll go on as entertainment for some people for a few days. We should just leave all that."

Watch Nelson Dilipkumar talk about 'Thalapathy' Vijay's reaction to Beast's box office performance in the video below: