Tamil movies are known for their intense commercial mass, masala films and their star actors with a massive fan base that is spread out all over the world. They also have some creative title names that are well remembered. But movie titles that are named after animals / birds are most well known since it is easy to remember the names of animals/birds in Tamil. This weird fascination with animal names has resulted in some memorable movies through the years. Let us look at some such films that were named after a bird or an animal (in no particular order of importance):

1) SINGAM (Lion):

The film is named after the film's titular character S. Duraisingam (Suriya), who is an Assistant Commissioner of Police in the film that heads an anti-kidnapping task force. His character in the film shares traits with that of a lion - like how ferocious, strategical and smart they both are.

2) PULI (Tiger):

The film is named after the film's titular character Pulivendhan (Vijay). His character in the film and a tiger are both watchful, quick and smart in nature.

3) SINGAM PULI (Lion, Tiger):

The film is named so since it focuses on the bitter rivalry between two siblings, Shiva and Ashok (Jiiva in dual role), who are constantly fighting with each other like animals - in this case, a lion and a tiger.

4) SIRUTHAI (Cheetah):

Rocket Raja (Karthi) and a cheetah are both strong, powerful and possess a stealthy way of going about their business which is very evident in the movie. Therefore, the film's title serves a purpose in that aspect.

5) E (Fly):

The film is named after the film's titular character Easwaran alias E (Jiiva) and that happens to be the only reason for the film's title. Maybe the makers of the film did not want to call it Easwaran because they figured it was a long and unappealing name that might not hit the bull's eye.

6) KURUVI (Sparrow):

The film's title serves an understandable purpose since Velu/Vetrivel decides to travel to Malaysia in search of his father as a Kuruvi, the trade jargon for low-level contraband carriers.

7) SURA (Shark):

The film is named after the film's titular character Sura (Vijay). His character in the film shares similar characteristics with that of a shark - they both are not easy to catch, will rip their opponent apart if bothered and are relentless hunters.

8) MYNAA (Starling):

The film is named after the film's titular character Mynaa (Amala Paul) who shares certain qualities with that of a starling as they are both very graceful and strong beings.

9) YAANAI (Elephant):

This upcoming film, starring Arun Vijay and Priya Bhavani Shankar in the lead is directed by Hari. The film is slated for release in summer.

10) KAALAI (Bull):

The film's title refers to the fickle mindedness and for its notoriously unpredictable aggression which the lead character in the film possess.

11) SEVAL (Rooster):

Life is a long, sunny adventure for Murugesan (Bharath), an unruly youngster, who beats people up, sells his grandfather's land, runs over rooftops like the rooster and that is where the title of the film comes from.

12) ELI (Rat):

The film is named after the film's titular character Elisamy a.k.a. Eli (Vadivelu). Another reasonable explanation for the film's title would be the role he plays in the film which is that of a spy. It is widely known that spies are people whose job is to get secret information and report their finds. According to the slang dictionary, a rat is defined as a sneak or an informer -- sounds a lot like a spy, doesn't it?

13) KAZHUGU (Vulture):

The film is aptly named since the job of the film's protagonist, Sera (Krishna), is to retrieve dead bodies and that closely resembles to the scavenging nature of vultures that lives off of dead bodies.

14) ONAAYUM AATTUKKUTTIYUM (The Wolf and The Lamb):

The film's title refers to two characters in the movie -- Edward/Wolf (Mysskin), a loyal guardian just like a wolf, who attempts to safekeep a blind little girl, symbolizing the lamb, from danger.

15) VENGHAI (Leopard):

Just like leopards, the lead character in this film is highly adaptive to those around him and dangerous at the same time. Hence the title.