Today (September 13) is a very special day for Tamil cinema and for all its fans as it is the day when one of the biggest contributors of comedy to the the Tamil film industry was born and that is none other than Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu was born. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the industry surpasses some very prominent actors with the help of his slapstick comedy, its timing, expressions, screen presence and most importantly his performance. Over the span of his 31 years film career, the comedian has given some memorable performance with some of the most iconic actors from Kollywood which still a good place in all our hearts. In spirit of his work that is bound to stand the test pf time, let us look at some of these instances which are deeply embedded into our heart: 
Vadivelu proved his compatibility with Superstar Rajinikanth in Muthu where he established himself as a comic legend. His relationship with Rajini in the film is something that always makes the audience crack up even to this day. It was worked well on so many level as the dynamic between the two at that time was something not many had seen between and comedian and a A-grade actor. 

Chandramukhi, on the other hand, put Vadivelu even close to Superstar. They had a lot of screen time together and gave us some of the most memorable moments from the movie that connects with the audience of this generation as well which has led to its strong placement in Tamil pop culture. 


Seeing Vadivelu share screen space with Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan during his early days as a comedian in Singaravelan was a refreshing sight to see and is something that is remembered to this date. Their chemistry on screen worked so well that it is considered Kamal at his most funniest with another comedian as at that time the Universal Hero wanted to do his own comedy and not have someone else take over it. 

During the same year (1992), Vadivelu was again put on screen with Kamal Haasan for Thevar Magan. The kind of scenes they had together was again something that tickled to rib of every audience member due to Vadivelu's incredible performance as always. But being those were his starting years, going back, watching the film and seeing the Vaigai Puyal in action helps us realize where he came from and how his journey since then has been. 

The duo again dominated the comedy space in Kaathala Kaathala with which of their respective performance and attempt to reach the audience with their humor. They were able to cooperate and assist the other in making their own as well as each other's respective jokes come across beautifully with ease. 


The coming together of Vaigai Puyal and Captain was so powerful and mesmerizing that whenever the two appeared on screen, fans of both the comedian and could not help but cheer on so much so that the entire theatre would erupt in laughter. It would also have them whistle uncontrollably in support of their two favorite on screen stars. 


The way these two worked together still brings back memories. The scene where the two are engaged in a cricket match and how Vadivelu digs up ground water is to this day very iconic. One can go visit any cricket ground in Tamil Nadu and there will be some people who will still be seen enacting the scene with their friends while playing the game in real life. 


This pair of Vaigai Puyal and the Supreme Star delivered some rib tickling scenes given their fantastic comedic timing and how well the the two were able to make their comedy work seamlessly. 


By far the most iconic duo when it comes to comedy with Vadivelu. Their comedy is something that is still spoken about as it is mostly to do with wordplay, cheeky replies and very smart framing of dialogue which in turn translates into comedy. Both of them hold the audience captive with their engaging yet entertaining performances leading to some of the most memorable moments of Vadivelu's comedy career. 


Vaigai Puyal and the Action King absolutely nailed their respective aspects when it came to the comic zone. The two worked together beautifully to churn out the laughter from the audience by being as entertaining as they could. Given how it turned out, it is clear that the duo worked together perfectly and definitely left the audience wanting more from them. 


This duo know how to compliment each other on screen perfectly with their comedic humor, timing and performance. In Manadhai Thirudivittai especially, the relationship that they both share is something that we still think about and laugh to this day. It is very unique, fun-loving and hilarious and makes us reminisce the time we spent with our best friends. 


Both Thalapathy and Vaigai Puyal are hilarious in their own ways as they both understand and have grasped the idea of comedy very well. So it only gets better when they are paired with one another to churn out clever slapstick comedy. While Sachein focuses on a more softer side of comedy as it deals with college students, Pokkiri is completely different. With a whole new look and the main intention of Thalapathy to burn Vadivelu, there are various moments that present itself where Vadivelu gives it his all to make us the audience smile, and it works beautifully! 


This unexpected and unique combination had us scratching our heads but when we got to see them on screen deliver their respective comic lines one after the other, we understood why they had been paired. Vadivelu, as always, does not hold back at all and gives it his all. He entertains the audience as if its no easy tasks and paired up with Vikram only amps it up. Twice the comedy, twice the fun. 


The light hearted comedy between the two has always managed to put a smile on everyone's face irrespective of their age as it is humor that is meant and by understood by everyone. It is pleasant, raw and something that audience can go back to time and time again for a quick laugh. All of it is obviously because of Vadivelu's complex understanding of how comedy works along with Suriya's participation in the process which definitely looks like he has put his best foot forward in it. 


It is Vadivelu who lays the groundwork for the film as the role of a hostel warden. After a good communication is established between Vadivel and the heroine (Reema Sen), it acts and the driving and connecting force that leads to Reema Sen and Vishal meeting from where the story picks up. It is also very nice to have Vadivel as the film's comedic relief in an otherwise serious film. He brings out the lively side of college in all the scenes he is in and gives those portion of the film a very youthful feel. Vadivel's dance in the song 'Oppurane Oppurane' is still remembered to this date due to his amazing performance in it.