Today (June 22) is a big day in the Tamil Film Industry and for many fans all over the world. Thalapathy Vijay is celebrating his 48th birthday today. An actor who is looked up to and loved by many, Vijay is a household name in Kollywood as well as in South India as a whole. He made a name for himself in his early years and as years passed by, he was launched into stardom gradually. He has amassed a ginormous fanbase for himself with his versatile performances, groovy dance skills, and rugged looks. His movies always gain immense traction and are very well known. In celebration of our beloved Thalapathy's birthday, let us look at some of the most memorable and best performances of his career (from latest to earlier ones): 


Unlike many of his other righteous characters, Vijay shows a new side of himself in this film where he plays the role of JD - a hip, laid-back professor with a drinking problem. It is a fresh new look for the actor which he carried forward effortlessly. He also delivered a top-class intense performance, especially during the interval block sequence.


Thalapathy plays dual roles in this film. One character is Kathiresan, a petty thief who only cares about his well-being, while the second character is the complete opposite Jeevanantham, a communist ideologue and post-graduate in hydrology whose aim is to provide water for his village. He plays two different sides of the same coin without letting the audience notice that it is the same person playing it. Kaththi brought out the emotional best of Vijay. 


Vijay takes on the role of an intelligence officer in the Indian Army, Jagadish, who is on a mission to track down, destroy and deactivate the sleeper cell of the country. He plays his role in a very suave and cool manner, slightly giving off a little James Bond vibe in the process. He was at his stylish and classy best in this Murugadoss directorial. 


After a very long time, we got to see Vijay in a coming-of-age comedy film that centres around friendship. Unlike his other films that are full of action, we witness Vijay give more of a fun and frolic performance instead. He plays Panchavan Pariventhan in the film, a successful student with a very different and optimistic outlook towards life.  


As the title suggests, Vijay takes on the role of  Bhoominathan, a bodyguard, but with a twist. This bodyguard is nothing like what we expect but is instead a sweet, innocent, and fun-loving soul who is full of heart. Vijay, as usual, was able to easily bring this character to life with his light-hearted performance. 


One of his most iconic roles, Vijay plays the titular character Sachein, a carefree and happy-go-lucky guy who is head over heels for Shalini. This was a cakewalk for Vijay as his role has been etched out keeping his fans and common audience expectations in mind. His comedy track with Santhanam and Vadivelu is highly entertaining and is guaranteed to make you laugh. Sachein is still considered a special film among the fans as it brought out an untapped dimension of Vijay, the actor. 


Vijay dons a badass state-level kabaddi player, Saravanavelu alias Velu, in this flick. We see him to be a troublesome son in the house, a talented kabbadi player on the field, and a badass hero when it comes to protecting his girl from the goons who are after her. He packed a punch and delivered a captivating performance.   


At a time when ‘chocolate boys’ were becoming famous in the industry, Vijay’s guy-next-door character in ‘Kushi’ established a strong female fan base. His character of Shiva was well portrayed and Vijay is still remembered for his unforgettable performance in the film. 


Vijay plays the role of Kutty, an aspiring singer but struggling singer working for a local cable provider. Vijay gave such a mature performance that it left the audience weeping during its climax.


Vijay brings to the surface the soft and nurturing nature of the love which in turn got him his first Tamil Nadu State Award in 1997. 


This movie was the first of many breakthroughs in Thalapathy Vijay's career. His portrayal of an innocent youngster trying to reunite a Hindu-Christian family was well received by the audience and caught them by surprise.