With Thalapathy Vijay’s birthday lurking around the corner and with mere hours to go before his big day, the first look poster and title of Thalapathy 66 were revealed as a gift to all Vijay fans, and to start celebrating the star’s birthday a little early. The film is titled Varisu and it is being directed by Vamshi Paidipally with Rashmika Mandanna in the female lead. This is not the first time Vijay has been cast in a movie that starts with ‘V’. The star has previously starred in many other movies that also start with his initial, some of which went on to be great hit while some did not perform so well. But on the eve of our beloved Thalapathy’s birthday, let us take a walk down memory lane and check out the films he has starred in that start with the letter ‘V’:


Thalapathy Vijay made his debut as a child actor in this movie back in 1984. He plays the younger version of Vijayakanth’s character in the film during all the flashbacks.


After the success of Vetri, Vijay yet again starred as the younger version of Vijayakanth’s character in the film to further make his way into stardom.


Vijay plays the titular role in this film that looks at Vishnu leaving his overbearing father and, pretending to be an orphan, finding work with a man who also adopts him. Vishnu is shocked when he is asked to kill a bunch of people including his father.


Vijay's original name was used as the character’s name in this film. The film is about Vijay, Divya's tenant, who aspires to become an actor and constantly disturbs her by reciting movie dialogues loudly. Divya, who wants to excel in her studies, despises the film industry.


This was the Tamil remake of the 2001 Telugu film, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav. The film follows Bhupathi who is sent away by his father to live under the guidance of his best friend, Viswanath, and find a job. He gets close to the family and falls in love with Viswanath's daughter, who is already engaged.


Vijay plays a dual role in the movie. The story revolves around an assassin who infiltrates and destroys a criminal gang to avenge his father's death. The film's title Villu (bow) indicates a man Pugazh, who avenges the death of his father by firing back (arrow) at the enemies who destroyed him.


In this film, Vijay plays the role of Ravian aspiring police officer, who often ends up getting into trouble with negative elements. He gets into a serious fight with a kingpin while trying to help his friend Uma.


In this story adapted from the 2000 Telugu film Azad, Vijay plays the role of a villager who arrives in the city to collect money. But he is persuaded by a journalist to take on the disguise of Velayudham, a superhero, to eradicate the evils in society, such as corruption and terrorism.


This is Vijay’s 66th film in which he will be starring opposite Rashmika Mandanna. The film has got the green light to release theatrically on Pongal 2023.