No introduction needed about Meera Mitun’s on-going controversy. The actress recently made some degrading statements against Thalapathy Vijay’s wife Sangeetha and also Suriya’s wife actress Jyotika on her official Twitter page. She didn’t stop there and kept making negative posts against Vijay and Suriya. She has triggered the fans of both these star actors who have been slamming the actress across all social platforms. There is no stopping the actress who keeps on making derogatory posts against actor Vijay and Suriya. Recently, Kaithi fame actor Dheena had made a post on Twitter saying - “I heard a bog is barking,” which looked like it was referring to Meera Mithun. The controversial Bigg Boss star in her reply, slammed Dheena, called him a dog, and dragged both Trisha and Vijay’s name in the issue - “Inform @trishtrashers. She is a @PetaIndia member so she can take care of those dogs or inform @actorvijay he can give solution in next audio launch.” Dheena has now replied saying Meera had replied to a fake account. He also claimed that he wouldn’t scold her so decently. Dheena also added that Meera Mitun is not worthy enough be talked about. Dheena’s tweet reads as follows - “This is not my tweet.. This is fake I'd really apologize to @meera_mitun Bcus nan Ivalo decent a solamatan.. And nengalum avalo worth ila..” 

 Meera Mitun had also shared a scene from Vijay’s film Sivakasi and criticized the actor for not respecting women - “Respect shown by @actorvijay to female's and their dressing ! Oru vela Cola add nadichitu next he said water conservation in #kathi , Adhupola #singepenne soluvaro #bigileeyyyyy Reply to my tweets prove that woman empowerment by @actorvijay is fake.” Vijay accepted Mahesh Babu’s challenge and planted a few saplings in his house and shared a few photos, Meera Mitun didn’t spare even that - “We have seen #icebucketchallenge #swachhbharatchallenge and now #GreenIndiaChallage , @actorvijay A challenge means you need to nominate somebody else like @urstrulyMahesh. Jus posting pics is not enough. Hope you have friends in industry.”