The Indian government enforced a lockdown of over 100 days in various phases, across the country! Later, the Central Government allowed the states to decide on whether and how to continue the lockdown. With the closure of most public places, including malls, liquour shops, theatres and religious places, the lockdown helped in controlling the spread of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus! However, the non availability of alcohol for consumption lead to enthusiasts looking towards other means for getting their high! This lead to many people consuming hand sanitisers, as it contained a high percentage of alcohol, eventually leading to severe injuries and loss of life in many cases. Recently, a high number of cases of sanitiser consumption was reported from the state of Andhra Pradesh and the Police were pressed into investigating these cases!

Now, a shocking report has come out! Consumption of fake sanitisers made with Methanol, instead of Ethanol, has lead to the death of atleast 16 people in Andhra Pradesh! This shocking incident happened in Kurichedu village of Prakasam district of AP, towards the end of last month and now, the Police have arrested ten people involved in the distribution and sale of this spurious sanitiser. The victims are all said to be habitual drinkers who turned to consuming sanitisers in the absence of normal liquor, because of the lockdown! A Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the District Police found a particular brand of sanitiser, named 'Perfect Gold', to be the cause of the deaths. This brand of sanitiser had reportedly used toxic methanol instead of ethanol, during manufacture. 

A man named Sale Srinivas of Vikarabad district in Telangana is said to have made this illegal sanitiser with the help of his brother Siva Kumar, from a rented room in Hyderabad and sold it through various channels! Kesav Agarwal is said to have helped with the distribution of these sanitisers as they gave good profits. Two others - Md. Dawood and Md. Hazi Saab were also arrested in connection with supplying the materials for the sanitiser. Along with these five people, the owners of five medical stores were also arrested by the Prakasam district Police, in connection with the case of the 16 people's death. The SIT is also said to have tested several other sanitiser brands but found them to be ok. We request everybody to be very careful of their health during these testing times!