Kamal Haasan and AR Rahman came together for an online live interaction today on the 12th of June. They discussed various topics from music, movies, writing to social issues. Both had their own set of views and ideas. It was a heartwarming discussion which went on for about an hour. Kamal revealed that he couldn’t initially accept AR Rahman’s music since he was ardent Ilayaraaja fan. While speaking about AR Rahman’s work, Kamal Haasan said that his best work is yet to be released and it will feature in their upcoming film Thalaivan Irukkindraan. 
“AR Rahman created a pattern in music and constantly kept breaking that pattern and reinventing himself, that’s what first made me like him. While working with for on Indian, when I heard ‘Kappaleri Poyachu’ song for the first time, I was not at all impressed, I even told the director that. But while shooting it, the song was completely different. I didn’t know AR Rahman’s working pattern back then. He first gives a rough tune and then improvises till the release of the film.  
After Indian album, if I had to pick one favourite AR Rahman song, it would be the unreleased special track from our upcoming film which none of you has heard so far, so it is not worthy to do discuss now. For me, it is the best of Rahman, but we have not released not a song yet. For me, I have never heard a song like that. I would have felt bad if that song wasn’t been created for my film. I even asked Rahman if we can release the song as a private album if we couldn’t release the film. That’s such an important personally for me but it has everything in it. When I met Rahman for that song, people thought, the song would take months to shape out. We met, we were talking for so long, then we got the first word for the composition, then Rahman asked me if I could write the lyrics by the next morning. I came back around 2-2.30 and I gave him the full lyrics by 8.30 and we recorded the song that evening itself and nobody could believe it.”