Alagarai village near Trichy has been witness to a sad incident involving a 6-year-old small boy. Mistaking a homemade explosive as a snack, the young boy named Vishnudev, bit a gelatin stick and lost his life when it exploded. Vishnudev had gone to his father Boopathy's elder brother Gangadharan's house. Apparently, the gelatin stick had been used to make explosives to burst rocks as well as illegally catch fishes, which would be found in abundance in the Cauvery river, during this season. This method of fishing is illegal and banned under the Tamil Nadu fisheries act. 

6 year old boy dies after mistakenly biting explosive

The young Vishnudev is said to have sustained severe injuries to his jaw and mouth region and this has lead to intensive bleeding following which he fainted. His parents and relatives tried to rush him to the Government General Hospital at Thottiyam but the kid lost his life while travelling. The parents and relatives immediately turned back and cremated his body without even informing the Police or any government authorities. However, when Musiri DSP Senthilkumar came to know of this incident, the Police immediately arrested Gangadharan, another relative Mohanraj and Selvakumar who supplied them with the gelatin sticks which were to be originally used at a stone quarry.