The news of popular Tamil actress VJ Chitra's death in December last year left many in the entertainment industry, including fans shattered, with some still reeling in from the massive shock. Chithu, as she was fondly called, continues to be remembered for playing the character Mullai in the hit Vijay TV serial, Pandian Stores, with Kaavya Arivumani since then replacing her on the show. In that light, Kaavya has now taken to her Instagram page to post a detailed heartfelt emotional statement on taking on the role of Mullai previously played by VJ Chitra along with a few new photos resembling the look of the former actress'. 

Posting the pictures as Mullai, Kaavya Arivumani wrote, "முல்லை The very first picture I post. The character which is been created and been travelling in Pandian stores, a Vijay television serial for two years. This is such a beautiful character which has its own characteristics and perfect body language as a Tamil girl being born and brought up with Tamil culture and practices. The team and the crew decided, casted one of the beautiful women 'Vj Chitra'". She also stated, "Personally, I have never met her, never had a chance to speak to her. Only once in one of the shows I saw her very far away, and that time I was very new to the channel, didn’t know that was her. I never had a chance to spend time with her. But I heard that she created her life to her best and one of the inspiring women to many. Her stories were inspiring for me too. I never seen her clips as Mullai, because I never watched the serial. Just used to see some Instagram feed."

Kaavya further added, "She did her best, moulded the role superbly, gave her 100%. But, 'Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another'. She lived in the character Mullai, none of us expected, Mullai wouldn’t have expected that Chitra would leave her. She has gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. I wish u healing and peace, my solace for all her fans. I never thought that I would do this role as an actor I see this as an opportunity and am happy that I got this. Life has to move on, I usually think to give the best to any character I play, whatever it may be. Bharathikannama 'Arivumani' was a supercool character loved by many, and as I did for it, I will give justice to Mullai and I will never fail to entertain people and disappoint my fans and to Mullai fans since acting is my uyir, passion, profession, my world, my love, my everything."

Expresing her gratitude towards her family and fans, Kaavya said, "I thank for all the people who supported me from zero to here,my parents ,friends,my Instagram family. This is not the destiny,and do support and show your love to the new mullai ,to me ,and Pandian stores. With all my heart thankyou so much. Spread love and positivity. From Kaavya Arivumani." Below is Kaavya's post: