After the $90 million fiasco with Batgirl getting cancelled during its final stages of production, DC fans were more than upset about it. But this unfortunate feat was later compensated with the announcement of a much better news. It was confirmed that 2019’s Joker would be getting a sequel along with its release date.  This was something that fans had been waiting for a long time ever since the film’a release and to get what they wanted was a massive compensation for what was recently lost. 

Even better news comes today (August 5) following its confirmation yesterday. The first ever official piece of evidence surfaced today in the form of a small video. The official Instagram handle of jokermovie released a small teaser/glimpse from the upcoming movie as an Instagram reel. Along with that, they also added a caption to it which read, “Joker: Folie à Deux October 4, 2024. Repost: @toddphillips Cheek to Cheek. 10.4.24 “. Check it out: 


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The short animated clip highlights the word ‘PHOENIX’ and then showing a silhouette of the Joker, and then highlights the word ‘GAGA’ going on to show Harley Quinn’s silhouette. We then see the two hand in hand with one another. All this happens with a sweet and soothing music played in the background which may hint at the film being a musical. It was already rumoured that the film may belong to that genre and now we can be more sure of it. It is not sure what ‘cheek to cheek’ means but one could speculate that it could mean Joker and Harley Quinn’s crazy romance.

Joker: Folie à Deux will yet again be helmed by Todd Phillips of the Hangover trilogy fame, who also directed the first instalment of the Joker. Joaquin Phoenix will be returning to reprise his role as the Clown Prince of Crime while Lady Gaga will be introduced in the film as the infamous Harley Quinn. The film has been confirmed to release on 4 October 2024.