The fifth season of Bigg Boss Tamil recently crossed 50 days and the show has managed to garner a solid amount of viewership. The show has served as a good source of entertainment for the Tamil audience. In today's (November 23) episode of Bigg Boss, we will be witnessing the entry of a new wildcard contestant and this development has excited the fans. The latest wildcard entrant is identified as Amir, who is a popular dance choreographer in the Tamil film and television industry. Amir is the founder of ADS Crew, a popular dance school in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. Amir worked in Vijay TV's recent show, BB Jodigal, choreographing for Mohan Vaidya - Fathima Babu.

Amir's entry has been confirmed through the promos that have been released today. Though there is no particular focus on him, we see Amir in passing shots in the first and third promo for tonight's episode. It is going to be interesting to see what changes Amir brings in, inside the house and it looks like the fans are in for some solid entertainment. As of now, there are 12 contestants inside the Bigg Boss house and it includes VJ Priyanka, Niroop Nandakumar, Thamarai Selvi, Akshara Reddy, Pavani Reddy, Iykki Berry, Ciby Chandran, Imman Annachi, Raju Jeyamohan, Varun, Abhinay Vaddi, and the recent wildcard contestant, Abishek Raaja.

Choreographer Ameer is now the latest addition to the clan and he will add as the 13th member in the house. Nadia Chang, Chinna Ponnu, Suruthi, Mathumitha, and Isaivani are the contestants who have been evicted so far. As per the buzz on social media, Raju, Priyanka, Ciby, Akshara seem to be potential contenders to enter the finale of the show and let us see how the game shifts in the coming days. Find below the first and third promos of tonight's episode that confirm the entry of the wildcard entrant, Amir here: